Our Pulmonology department has comprehensive facilities to tackle the most complicated cases. Routine spirometry and pulmonary function tests facility is available. Sleep study facilities for obese patients is provided. A complete range of Fiber Optic Bronchoscopes facilities is available. The Department of Pulmonology is working round the clock to tackle all emergencies.

Services Provided : 

1. Complete access to various diagnostic and treatment protocol
2. Bronchoscopy diagnosis and treatment
3. Intensive care services for critically ill patients
4. Pulmonary rehabilitation program
5. Pulmonary function laboratory
6. Sleep disorders evaluation and treatment
7. Inpatient services for diagnosing and treating various lung conditions
8. outpatient services for diagnosing and treating various lung conditions
9. Asthma
10. Chronic obstructive lung disease (CODP)
11. Emphysema
12. Interstitial and occupational lung diseases
13. Complex lung and pleural infections including 1. Tuberculosis, 2. Pulmonary hypertension, 3. Cystic fibrosis,
14. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, sarcoidosis
15. Connective tissue disorder with lung involvement

Dr. Kumara Swamy Koutam

Pulmonologist, M.B.B.S.,DTCD.,DNB(Resp Med).,IDCCM

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