ABOUT Dr. Ganesh Suram

MBBS,DA Anaesthesia

Our ICU forms the backbone of the institution. Our intensive critical care unit has highly sophisticated ventilators supporting 25 ICU beds fully equipped with accessories, advanced invasive & non invasive cardiac monitors, 24 hours instant ABG machine, pulse oxymeters, & qualified intensivists attending the patients round the clock with well trained paramedical staff.

Other faculties such as Psychiatry & Rheumatology are few of nature, what not all in all under single roof are well managed in our hospital.

Services Provides : 

1. 24 hr available around the clock consultant services
2. Advanced ventilatory services
3. Dialysis (Bed side) services
4. Fully automated monitoring equipment
5. Dedicated nursing care
6. Bedside X-ray, 2D echo, USG  facilities
7. Advanced systhys pump, high end invasive pressure monitoring
8. Treatment of all types of poisons, snake bites, insect bites
9. Treatment of obstetric emergencies and critical cases
10. Best first hand care of cardiac and neuroglial emergencies