ABOUT Dr. S. Shalini

MBBS, MD microbiologist

Consultant Clinical Microbiologist at Medilife Hospitals, Mancherial Studied MBBS at Kakatiya Medical collage Warangal completed post-graduation in Microbiology at CAIMS Karimnagar

Worked at KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad Presented paper on UTI in pregnancy by serum resistant Uropathogens, and several posters during post-graduation worked on studying Neonatal sepsis caused by Multidrug-resistant microorganisms interested in studying sepsis in ICU patients caused by MDR pathogens and there by decreasing the incidence of infections in OT and ICU

1. Bacterial cultures – Aerobic and Anaerobic

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Stool
  • Pus
  • Body Fluids and discharges

2. Aerobic and anaerobic cultures of OT swabs
3. Fungal cultures
4. Microscopy

  • Gram staining
  • Acid-fast staining / Z-N staining
  • Fungal staining
  • Stool microscopy
  • Direct / wet smear examination

5. Serology – Bacterial and viral screening test