Dr. Srinivas Gumudavelly - Anethesiologist

Dr. Srinivas Gumudavelly

About Dr. Srinivas Gumudavelly


Dr. Srinivas Gumudavelly qualified MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia at Osmania medical college) , IDCCM currently working as Consultant Anesthetist and Intensivist at Sunshine Hospitals. He is a highly accomplished healthcare professional experienced in Aneasthesia, Critical care and Emergency services.

While, his perspectives and strategies on ICU operations and management are grounded in 5 plus years of hands-on, clinical and leadership experience in corporate hospitals in various departments.

Evidence-based delivery of safe & effective delivery of anesthesia to a broad spectrum of patients ranging from healthy undergoing low-risk procedures through & including the critically ill undergoing high-risk surgeries.He regularly participates in Workshops and Seminars both at the National Level and International Level to keep himself abreast with the latest developments.

Participated in various academic activities CME’s and represented anesthesia department in different hospital wide committees.